Resume development and career guidance

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    Resume Worksheet
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    Pre-Assessment Worksheet
Date of birth
Full Time Part Time
Post Graduate Graduate
Change your Field Higher Education Same Field Growth
Budgeting Creative Writing Leadership
Problem solving Team work Time management
Mechanical Organizing Co-ordination

Abilities that you possess

Customer Service Sales & Marketing Motivating Negotiating
Teaching & instructing Caring for people Counseling Supervising
Building & assembling Food handling preparation Repair & maintenance Animals
Machinery & Equipment Legal Madical Computers
Finance Math Administration Research & investigation
Artistic Graphic Designing Performing
Story telling Writing


Spoken Written Both
Excel :
Basic Intermediate Expert
Outlook :
Basic Intermediate Expert
Word :
Basic Intermediate Expert
PowerPoint :
Basic Intermediate Expert
Upload your resume
I like working in a team I like to work individually
I work well under supervision I am able to meet deadlines
I work well under pressure I am generally an anxious person
I am generally a calm person I am a perfectionist
My colleagues think I am a good leader I am open to new ideas
I like to stick to traditional ways of working I can adapt to frequent change
I am image-conscious I am easily convinced to take on extra work
I am likely to carry out tasks exactly as
I like voicing my opinion in almost every situation
I keep a work-life balance I am too agreeable a person
I am able to open an email account and send emails I know social media platforms
    like Facebook, Twitter and Linkden
Knowledge of Microsoft Word Knowledge of Microsoft Excel
How to create a Power Point presentation Making a simple presentation
Making a creative/interactive presentation Working with a Windows computer
Working with a Mac computer
Artistic Creative Social
Conventional Traditional / like the old way Realistic
A. Write 5 goals you wish to accomplish in the next 2 weeks
B. Write 5 goals you wish to accomplish in the next 2 months
C. Write 5 goals you wish to accomplish in the next 2 years
A. Write about your ‘dream job’?
B. Top 5 interest areas?
C. 3 Areas of Low or No interest?